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Default Response to Taliban comments

1. This is for the UPLOAD window. These are my files that I have shared that people are downloading from me.
2. I call the people leeches who queue up all the files I have by an artist or even multiple artists. It ****** me off to see my upload window scrolling like crazy and I block them. I don't care how many files they have shared, they're greedy.
3. I'm using 2.2.0 and there's no dynamic sorting when search results are coming in.
7. I like to only see completed uploads and I don't care about failed ones most of the time.
9. I all ready edited the file to zero, but I shouldn't have to do that. I don't think this feature works anyway since I think 80-90% of people on the network are sharing few or no files, yet I get buried with more requests than I can handle.
10. I just don't like people snooping, especially RIAA, NetPD or Media Enforcer bots that might be cataloging file libraries.
11. Responses to push requests from firewalled people seem pretty rare for me.
12. The comment is only a description that's associated with the IP, for my info only. It's easy to store a description along with an IP in a config file.
13. In the edit box at the bottom of the Connection tab, I have it set to 6 connections. LimeWire always connects to 3 at startup unless I type 6 in the box again. This is a bug to me.
15. It bugs me when a download's zipping along and then suddenly hits a brick wall and stops for a long, long time. It sits for too long before trying someone else.
16. See response to #2
18. People uploading at near 0 KB/s are wasting an upload slot and I want to boot them. They're probably trying to download too many files at once.
19. I didn't know JRE 1.4.1 was out.
20. Mozilla and Netscape have time remaining and it's fairly accurate
21. I want to turn off sharing temporarily so I can let the remaining uploads finish without new ones coming in so I can shut down LimeWire. Currently, I block incoming connections with my firewall to do this.
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