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Originally posted by Taliban
12. You'd have to change the gnutella protocol to do that.
No you wouldn't.
13. The number of ultrapeers to connect to isn't unlimited throughout the network. You'd take away too many incoming connection slots and cause more fragmentation which would reduce other people's search horizon.
Actually, I've noticed the bug he's talking about and it's a bug as far as I'm concerned also. After upgrading to 2.3.2 (and then to 2.3.3 later), it seems to have been fixed.
15. 0k doesn't mean an uploading host is dead. Maybe it's just uploading very, very slowly. But limewire would keep looking for further hosts to download from anyway.
It does to me... if something is sitting at 0 Kbps for more than a minute, it's dead and should be eliminated automatically.
17. Why? If a user is trying multiple files from you doesn't mean he's not sharing many files himself.
20. That wouldn't be even near accurate anyway.
Personally, I'm not looking for accuracy.... just a ballpark number would do. And how do other clients do it if it's supposedly so innacurate?
21. You mean an "I WANT TO FREELOAD"-button? Definitely not!
First off, I think it would be a handy feature. Not everyone shares your views on freeloaders and I think it necessary for Gnutella client developers to accommodate both sides of the issue. I think every freeloader has to start somewhere. Besides that, I know I personally have a monthly bandwidth limitation (as I'm sure many others do as well)... I'll be the judge of how I'm willing to spend that bandwidth. If I can't afford to have an uploader using my bandwidth at a given time, I wouldn't mind an easy way to turn off sharing. I don't freeload if I don't have to, but there are times that I have to.
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