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Old April 7th, 2002
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Question Host report...


I switched from limewire, and am rather impressed with phex. I have to say.
But i was dissapointed that my queries gave me fewer results, and queries
that gave me plenty of results... were giving me none or very few....

But the passive search, and research features, amongst other things
kept me going.... immediate results were fewer, but left to run overnight phex rocks.....

One odd thing however, and this may explain the reduced result set....
Is that ****ALL the successful downloads (even partials or queues.. i suppose succesful server contacts for downloading) reported being GNUCLEUS which seems odd to me.... it seems im only seeing that small bit of the gnutella network, question is why?

Has anyone experienced this....?
im running phex 0.63 (macphex build)
on osX 10.1.3 with the java update that came out naught 3 days ago

any clues?????
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