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Originally posted by Unregistered

2. I call the people leeches who queue up all the files I have by an artist or even multiple artists. It ****** me off to see my upload window scrolling like crazy and I block them. I don't care how many files they have shared, they're greedy.
Dude... you suck. 'nuff said.

There's already a "Upload Slots per User" feature. Why is it a problem that someone finds multiple files from you that they want to download? Set max uploads per person to 1, and let them get whatever they can get.

You're coming across as a whiner who wants to be able to download everything that he wants, but not let anyone else get anything. Why is someone a leacher because they want to download more than one file from you?

If I'm downloading something from someone and get amazingly fast connection, I tend to try to download from them more. And if you're that jerk who kills my downloads for absolutely no reason, then I hate you. If you don't want to share (unlike the rest of us) than don't. But there's no need to come to an online forum to announce that you don't want to share.

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