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The problem has nothing to do with 'wanting' to share. The problem seems to be HOW to share. Without any direction this thread dies here.

However, I have found a way to make this work a little.

1. I had to load purchase ($80) Parallels 3.0(would NOT work with 2.0)
2. Join mIRC ($20)
3. Purchased the 'Guide' ($60)
4. Purchase a new USB 2.0 external HD 750gb ($140)
5. Load songs onto the hard drive from the share servers on mIRC.
6. Purchase KJams Lite ($40) Bring songs over on external HD
7. Create the KJams 'Music Library' files on the external HD
8. UnZip the karaoke files into this same folder.
9. Drag and dropped the unzipped files from the 'Music Library' file.
10. Open up KJams and start jamming.

Additionally I would recommend re-titling most of the songs so that it fits your need but really, with thousands of files, um.....could be a bit time consuming.

Hope this helps someone, sure helped me. Best I could come up with since there really is no one on this site (or any other, to be fair) that will explain, in short detail like this, whether in private message, email or forum reply, how to do this. IF anyone has an easier plan and more cost effective plan, I'd be open for it. For now, this is all I've seen and the best I could come up with.

Then I was all set, so now
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