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Default Response to Zed

I have max uploads set to 1 and people still insist on trying to download an entire album or multiple albums at once. The upload window scrolls endlessly with someone trying to grab many, many files. Not a pretty sight to me. It's a matter of courtesy. If you try to queue more than 2 files from me, I will block your IP. If you do it more than once, your IP will stay permanently blocked.

I am not someone who only wants to download. I have thousands of files shared because I'm a nice person who likes being generous. All 10 of my upload slots are almost always full. I have probably uploaded 10 or more times as many files as I've downloaded. My AudioGalaxy stats are sent: 19,542.09 MB / recv: 1,241.80 MB. You have no right to call me someone who doesn't want to share.

I just want more control to deal with people I consider greedy or lazy for not queuing up fewer files at a time.
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