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Hey, fellow loonies !

BONKERS is here !!!!!!!

Now, I am taking out 'special time' here from tagging my J.B. Lenoir and Leroy Carr collection, so let's have some respect, huh ???
It's a lot of work to get it all right !

Listen, mon.... You gotta have some faith, right ?

I 'compiled' (but did NOT create) the BS files and I most certainly am the only one who wrote the clear and concise 'install docs' for said files and then 'created' the .zip that has it all - with the bundled Hostiles list, as well, which is part of the reason why it is such a 'large' file... It is being shared by 10s and 10s of 1,000s of nice folks out there !

And, uh, no offence there Capt. P but you gotta be outta your skull to play with ANY app that needs to 'temporarily reset the system time and date'... Makes a whole hat-full-of progs go ape-sh¡t !!! Large-scale !

All due respect (too much in the eyes of some of the more prejudiced fools out there) to AW... BUT.............. NO SYSTEM CLOCK RESET FOR ME... NEVER !!!!

P, it's a totally clean 0 days thing with NO restrictions... The last really BIG Pro iteration.

Oh, my... Weird as it all was, Vinnie was ace, huh ?

Now, back to choosing the best version of Alabama Blues !!!

btw, Dewey Cox Rules !

p.s. What happened to my PHEX link and the
¡ disponible en español ! bit ???

Never trust a real musician to be a cleaning lady !!!

"..........I want to know just how much longer... how much more longer, I got to wait on you ? How Long ??? How long???

ah, ah.... How long, how much more long ...."

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Mercy, me... It's like Etta James ! So sweet to hear the REAL original stuff, eh ?

Hey, Peerless.... One for you...
J.B. Lenoir - Taxpayer Blues

and, don't worry, I am always looking for that special special 45 single by Kinky Friedman And His Texas Jewboys about the Swiss/German Insurance Cartel !!!

Phex the furriest & most cunning fox you ever wished for


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