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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse View Post
None of my software complains about the clock,
Which of your programs are doing that to you?
Vista really likes it. That's a joke.
Norton garbage often just causes a lock-up followed by the delightful CHKDSK, over and over again.
If running any part of Office 11 there are intermittent occasions when you will definitely experience a lock-up.
ZoneAlarm goes out of the zone many times.
Windows auto-update with 2k Pro and XP Home and Pro goes bananas about 1 in 5 goes. Especially with TEMP file holdings.
Adobe Reader and other Adobe programs auto-updates get as ugly as they can possibly be.
Who knows what else in the minor third-party apps world is whacked out?
Plus, it is a really brilliant way to effortlessly cause havoc with XP restore point functions.
Not what one would call, the answer to p2p.
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