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Not at all. I have long experience with all of those programs and their
companies and over the years they have all dropped off my shopping
list for the usual reasons like excessive bloat and increasing bug rates.

Most of those have also occasionally shown up as the cause of various
problems with networking and media software on all the tech support
sites and forums I've been to in the past decade or so. My blacklist is
bigger because I've been building it longer and I don't drop any that fall
to code bloat because that group never really come back from there.

If you are afraid of my HOSTS file you can use any of the others out
there, most of which are updated more frequently. I just provide it to
protect myself and friends from bad sites and don't really do much to it
except add to it once in awhile and sort it. All it does is block known
spam, scam and phishing sites I hear about on various security sites or
catch spamming any of my forums.

If you are having any problems carrying a large list on your system the
usual cause is the Windows service called "DNS Client". Since few
people need that one try disabling it and test to see if any of the
computers in your LAN have any problems with DNS lookups. If your
computer is alone then you don't need that service at all.
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