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Unhappy VERY sorry to say this

Phex, sadly, hasn't worked for me. l read all of Arne's introductions and tried to start bu never got any files. lnsead, phex took over my computer and wouldn't respond, my cursor turned into a spinning ball + when l tried restart, phex caceled it, so tried to to force-quit it STILL wouldn't respond, so in duress, l pressed 'power' for about 2 minutes- and when the computer didn't shut down and phex still had control, l called a few technicians, one after another. Finally, l severed connection to the Internet and THEN was able to restart. Out of respect and gratitude for all the kindness you and Arne have given me, l didn't post this in the forum, but in a PM to you...WHAT happened? Needless to say,phex is not in my future plans. Macs dont do this, supposedly, and this one has always been fine.

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