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Default XoloX vs. Gnucleus

Rulez/Sux <-- ok, that works fine for a IQ of a fly.

XoloX searches and gets about the same results as Gnucleus every time I tried it, within a few percent.
XoloX downloads/connects to download about the same as Gnucleus in my tests.
XoloX "swarms" and gets parts from several hosts at the same time, so does Gnucleus.
XoloX has three large pretty icons to press at the top of the screen, taking most of your screen space, how nice. "Search, Transfers, Files" are very important and I need them to take up my whole screen. Gnucleus has simple tabs.
XoloX covers up all that techincal stuff so I don't have to worry about it. It doesn't matter anyway, I just want my files.
XoloX crashed three times while I was testing it, Gnucleus didn't, ever.
XoloX right click options are limited and duplicated by a double click anyway and the pull down menus aren't even needed, just add one more pretty icon and it's covered.

Gnucleus will let you see more of what is going on with connections, that doesn't matter because all I want is my file so who cares?
Gnucleus lets you get more information about who you are connected to and who you are downloading from, again I just want my files.
Gnucleus doesn't re-send searches every 10 seconds, that sux because I just want my files.
Gnucleus gives you more information about what files you have shared so you don't share something like your whole C drive. Again, I don't care I just want my files, what is sharing anyway?
Gnucleus has more configuration options, I am confused and never look there anyway.
Gnucleus is supported and open source so you know it will always be available. XoloX has profit motives from the start, read what the founders said about it in other posts, it will have ad-ware eventually.
All lawyers have to do is wisper "law suit" and XoloX is gone. You can't do that to open source. Wait, what does that have to do with me getting my files? Do you think I care?
Anyone can add features to Gnucleus in a short period of time, no waiting for some corporate meeting about it. Anything any other client can do, Gnucleus can do with a bit of coding.

Results of my test:

XoloX is the AOL of Gnutella
Gnucleus gets me the same amount of files, and has advanced features that let me get connected better to the network.

I ran both and spent the time testing them both, please do the same before posting.
As far as I can tell all this ranting and raving "XoloX is the best" was back when the only other choice you had was BearShare, and even a fly has enough nurons to know that anything is better than BearShare
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