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Originally Posted by AlwaysDead View Post

I just recently downloaded a virus from LimeWire... Even though I knew it was a virus when browsing, I exedentily clicked it once, and I got a trojan.
(because who has music files that are 38kb, come on!)

Luckily my Anti Virus deleted it instantaneously. So no more trojans for me.

I am suggesting there should be some kind of button that could be used to mark files as Virus, Trojan, or any other kind of spyware. And when enough of the downloaded people Mark it at Trojans, that the file is instantaneously deleted and IP sent to local authorities.

(I doubt I will visit these forums on regular basis, so all have a nice day (& Life)
And let's start the war against Trojan and Virus spreaders.
idea, i support 100%
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