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the problem with some is not so much not having files [they - the problem folks- have plenty of files usually and those files are shown as being shared often] yet they set upload slots to zero or upload bandwidth to zero. this is worse then a newbie with no files at all. atleast that newbie can share what he or she downloads. the real problem are twerps that download a file and yet you can't get squat from them even files they got from network the day before. i term this behaviour 'hoarding files'. they got them, they show you they got them, but won't let yo have squat, even if you're offering as much or more [and even if they got some from you.] or you download at 0bits/sec for hours on end from them...

upload bandwith% and upload slots should be considered options on freeloader definition.

i can set it to zero files and 2 slots and 25% minimum else freeloaders and newbies can get files but those that don't sare what they get .... well, they don't get much
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