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adov, I find that blocking IPs in general is relatively useless. Those kinds of hosts will change to random IPs, and there is always a possibility that when the IP is later claimed by a normal user, they can be cut off from accessing Limewire. (It's happened to me in a chat room once, kinda strange to be G-lined when I'm an oper, but oh well.)

I like the automated idea, to temporarily block those IPs putting out results in every search. I even better like the ability for the user to prevent certain keywords from appearing in your search; for instance, I keep getting 60 spam results every time I try to get results, and they all say "sexy girl has shaking orgasm during sex" as part of the name. For instance, if you search "Jeff Stiles" (random name), you'll get "Jeff Stiles sexy girl has shaking orgasm during sex" as about 60 search results. Try searching for more (nice feature, mind), and you get 60 more, a few other spams, and nothing by Jeff Stiles at all as a followup search.

Can someone please add a way to BAN certain keywords from results, or completely prevent such results from coming up? No matter how many times it tries, I'll never download "sexy girl has shaking orgasm during sex" as I've got more important things to look for. I just don't want those results showing up on my screen for family reasons.

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