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Default iTunes gone to the pits, dump it .. and never buy anything owned by Apple / Macintosh

It seems not only has iTunes dropped compatibility with sharing libraries with p2p programs. The program has now gone commercial meaning if you wish it to do what you want it to do, you need to pay money to their subscriber service or buy from the iTunes online site.

Recently added CD's don't always show in the library, only way to find them is in the 'Recently Added' playlist despite all id3 info & iTunes appropriate info has been added. More 'poor' programming obviously. The program doesn't seem to know left from right any more.

In recent years their iTunes program became buggy, losing id3 tags, losing basic file information as well resulting in changes of file names. pfft. Hopeless programming !

My advice is to dump iTunes & find alternatives. Apple's attitude is bizarre.

I get the impression Apple have become greedier than Microsoft. It is all about 'money' that dangerous word that makes African's die every day from starvation and makes people who work for microsoft or apple get filthy rich. pfft ... sorry but I am greatly disappointed by apple's new attitude. I have been using apple equipment for past 16 years. I guess I will be looking elsewhere now for new computers. Their greed has got the better of me!
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