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Lightbulb How to Downgrade your iTunes version, And iTunes 'Alternative' programs

See Downgrading iTunes (click on blue link)

Points to keep in mind:

If you are on a newer computer, you will need to start from scratch. After installing an older version of iTunes, you will need to remove your library file as in this step: Trash the 'iTunes Library' file in ./Users/Username/Music/iTunes, then re-add your song files to iTunes. After installing the older version of iTunes & removing that library file, go to your iTunes Music Library, drag & drop all the music folders (artists) onto iTunes program Library icon. This will re-add them.

Which version of iTunes to install?
iTunes versions affected by the incompatibility with LimeWire include all versions from 7.7 up to 8.0+. So you can choose any older version before 7.7 if you are starting your library file from scratch. If you are on an older computer, I'd recommend as they suggest, iTunes 6.0.5 & follow their directions carefully. In that way you will at least still retain a version of your iTunes library information. At this point I am not sure if iTunes 6.0.5 is intel compatible. I presume it is as I haven't downgraded yet.

By doing the above you will achieve compabitility back with LW's shared library. And also remove some of the online sales junk iTunes put into the later versions of iTunes. You may also find the earlier iTunes behaves better than the later versions did/do. However, you may lose some of the later functionality of the later versions of iTunes. You will sacrifice some of the later information you may have added to the songs however. This is one of those sacrificial decisions you need to make if you do the above.

Alternatives to using iTunes:

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