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Talking controvertial response??

i want to say my opinion on this.

puritans may not like it, but I say, fight fire with fire, "dilute the pool".

how many times you downloaded a movie, only to find out it is really something nasty instead? or a song you wanted is really some spam advert? we all been caught at least once!

so, make a note of those files they are looking for, [such and such's] password list, my [some bank] credit card numbers, or worse, etc, etc and prepare some useless lists of your own, such as all of microsoft's IP addresses or just a load of garbage (same thing?) then save your lists as .txt files and .doc files and SHARE THEM. Do the same with a few more dangerous titles, such as porn or worse, but for movie files, download some police recruitment videos and for pictures make up some dangerous message with an official looking police or government logo "STOP, YOUR IP ADDRESS HAS BEEN LOGGED, PLEASE REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS ARE ON THEIR WAY"

Pollute the file pool for these miscreant hackers and porno peddlers, in the same way they pollute ours. Also, look at your stats and see what the world REALLY does with P2P. You will see these dummy files will be the most popular by far.

If enough people did this, it might make a small difference, maybe those nasty ppl would go away, and P2P would become a purer, better thing.

Of course, the problem of this form of hacking wouldn't be there if people weren't stupid enough in the first place to a) write all their passwords/credit card numbers/etc in a file on their hard disk and b) even more stupid to share it. Limewire (bless) have tried to redress this a little, making it ever so slightly harder to share YOUR ENTIRE HARD DISK, but given that most ppl I know can't read pop up messages, and have no idea what folders are, it is still too easy to share all that private data.

Anyways, if in doubt, blame apple for "inventing" the mouse, and blame microsoft, for giving people the illusion that computers are oh-so-friendly-and-easy-to-use, and for leaving so many hooks inside their OS so that other people can access our info. Did you know many European Intelligence Agencies refuse to use networked Microsoft product because they say it is akin to having all their meetings and filing cabinets in CIA headquarters ?
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