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I used XoLoX before it went out of devlopment and I connected faster had more consistant downloads. When the XoLoX folks ran out with thier tails between their legs I went looking for a new client and found Gnucleus. Why is Gnucleus not on the top five list at zeropaid, If they promoted it half as much as they do XoLoX it would be the top program.
Winmx, am I missing something? I can never, never, never get the file I am looking for, Oh I can find it alright I just can not download it. Same holds true for most all Gnutella clients as well.
As long as Gnucleus continues to be improved (and because it is open source it will always be under devlpoment) it will be the best.
I will try XoLoX to be fair but I am waiting for a new version of Gnucleus, It just gets better and better.
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