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Unhappy Not 'fair'

You said it woudln't make it to the scientific journals, fine, no-one expects that.

But fair, no, not what you described.

Do the same trial ten times at varying times of the day over about a week, and after varying amounts of 'settling down', and I will let you call it 'fair', even though not scientific. Also make sure you search for very rare files as well as common files before you make an across-the-board judgement like this.

Some clients the search results come more slowly at first, but build up extremely well over 5 or 10 minutes .. maybe gnucleus is one of those (I don't use it).

Some people have alleged that Xoloxs searching method hurts other clients and if everyone searched as hard as xolox does, that the network would be less efficient.

I don't necessarily agree, but it may be a case of 'horses for courses' - one client is better for one specific thing than another client.

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