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For those people having problems finding their posts after returning to the forums, Click on the User CP button top left of window & it will take you to your User Control Panel. This should show all your subscribed threads. For older subscribed threads, click on the Subscriptions tab down the side of your control panel. Example image below:

Navigating the Forums: The larger the forum, the more difficult it can be to navigate. The Forum Jump (drop down menu) is a good way of seeing which section you need to go to.

The forums are broken up into these sections: 1. Gnutella Client programs help sections (eg: LimeWire, Phex, etc.). . . . 2. Non-english forum sections for Gnutella Client program help. . . . 3. General Gnutella sections; These sections include general discussion about Gnutella Network development & programming, . Tips & Tricks with files that apply to 'all' users, . Lounge which is an open discussion section, . Introduction forums, . fun & games section.

Thread listing icons. Below shows some clues about what each one means. These are shown to the far left of each forum listing.
A thread is the entire collection of posts under one topic. A post is an individual post by a single member.

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