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Default hoarders

i agree. the problem is not so much a newbie leeching a few files, but those that get files and don't even share what they get off the net. if ya get it by others sharing, ya should share those with others.
the idea that if a gets from b then there's 2 that have it is defeated. if they can at least operate as a mirror site, then at least they offer something. but to leech and hoard [dangling the stuff to whet the appetites] is bad.

i did rip all my cds to start with stuff when i started on napster, but i don't mind some kid starting with nothing. As long as that newbie shares everything with others. hey, if he downloads from me while i'm online, then i logoff, he supplies those same files to others. that's not bad. now the gnutella net shouldn't be more mirrors than suppliers, but hoarders are the worst. they show stuff as available, but won't give it to anyone.

they made minimum upload % to 25% [earlier versions went down to zero%], why can't they make a minimum slots of 1-1-1 at least?
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