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Default gnutella is not dead


This thread is for all the people who think gnutella is dead and it s time to think of somethin else.
I m so unhappy that people like you morg , moak , godx are leaving now . As Gnutella is becoming more popular there is still a chance to do the Gnutella we want : ie free of $ , not dependant of 1 firm & open to every personal software . This is far away from an easy task .
This is an opportunity we on t have several times , Gnutella is well known now , fairly stable and has an "open" protocol .
Nothing is done yet , I can stay connected to bearshares nodes (I have a gnucleus clone) and I think (but ask swabby for that ) with the next version of Gnucleus the limewire "black hole" will be connectable too .
As I saw lots of messages for those problems of connections , If you don t believe me then send me a pm , and I show u there s no blackhole YET.
Lots of talented people are here , developping their own servent or just having a strong belief in gnutella , and I think there is still an opportunity to make the Gnutella we want. The solution is not to cluster more the network . Solution is to adopt with all independant people a common way to enhance the protocol and a common way to develop our clients.
Do you really think there s money to win with Gnutella ???? I don t think and I ll never bet my house on a gnutella based firm. Gnutella is just for us and I (we) never send 1 cent (eurocent) to use it .
Sorry for my english , I d prefer to say all that in my natural langage , hope I was clear enough.
If you would like to continue this thread -> #gnutelladev on ircnet
If you are not agree with all that ->#gnutelladev on ircnet , then we agree on an Unreal Tournament game and I kill you . but i am still open to discussion , Moak was not agree with me and he killed me 400 times , now I know that moak is not really human .

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