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Default Been actually accused of possessing indecent images?

Hope the mods dont delete this but here goes....

Hi, I am looking for some help, I am planning on writing a story/article (not sure exactly what just yet) on people being accussed/arrested/prosecuted for possession of child pornography when they lay claim at the doors of p2p networking sites.

I am not a reporter or anything like that as you can probably tell my grammar lol, and the reason i am writing is because i have been in the same boat, Ill go into the story fully at some point in here, but last december computers were siezed and over the 5 years computer life span four hundred and odd indecent images were found.

This was a terrible ordeal and an ordeal that you see happen to other people on the news not something that happens to me, it was weird, scary and just didnt feel real, but the truth of the matter is, it was real, it effects your life in so many ways its untrue, at the time i did alot of research into other cases (this was after i had initially given an account to police of what may or may not be on the computer, so before they had searched them) and i was amazed to find that the account i had given the police was cropping up all over the place, it got me angry more than anything, because if it is such a common occurance then why is it still being allowed to happen and why are moderately innocent naive fools being prosecuted its like some using a drug through spiking then whilst spiked getting arrested for it!

Anyways, I wanted to go to court but knew that would mean that my details would be released and could cause unwanted repurcussions, i could handle it myself to clear myself and then happily move away, but i couldnt handle my family going through said trauma so i accepted what we knew the cps were going to offer me, a 2 year caution, even in the interviews with the police because of how my initial story didnt change and it matched what they found on the computer and somewhat proved the manner in which i described it being downloaded (dont want to go into too much detail about that just yet) i could tell that they believed that i was a prat who was horny and naive as a young lad but they still had to follow the letter of the law, plus not to mention with that many images they would have had to push for a court appearance rather than caution if they didnt believe my story!!!!

But anyway i left the police station feeling so much more relieved that it was over sort of, had to sign on the sex offenders register for 2 years which was horrible but it neednt effect my life as i have no intention of working with kids or anything like that and two years of telling the old bill where im living isnt going to kill me.

But then recently from some department about the welfare of children bollox decided to send a private and confidential letter through the post to my previous address (just moved and re registered, so they didnt have my new address at time of sending) by recorded delivery, my previous addy was a block of flats i was staying with a mate in a flat there, anyway, got a phone call a letter had been delivered, he had no idea who signed for it but they had opened it and it had been read, then put in another envelope and slipped under the door, so now my name is out there and once again im living in fear that my life could be destroyed.

Theres nothing i can do about it, whats done is done but what i do intend to do by whatever means necceassary is tell my story to the world to make it known that it does happen and it is a life changing drama that can be avoided, my young cousin is about 14 now, starting to use the computer, will no doubt be looking at porn soon enough if not already, whats to stop him from doing exactly what i did and using limewire for porn.

What I aim to do, along with my story i want to include case studies of other people and their families who have been in the same situation, I would like contact on here through pm or using the email facility, as i fully understand from first hand expierence that its an embarrassing situation in whcih you probably feel ashamed for no reason I understand that you will be aprehensive about coming forward, and for that reason pm on here would be better as that reveals nothing about you personally so i couldnt find you NO NAMES!!!

I know its a bit of weird request but the more i can highlight the situation the more i will feel something positive may have come from this fiasco that still might fully ruin my life and lead me to suicide if it gets out, **** when you live in a town where there is like one degree of seperation!!!

The sort of stuff im looking for from you, is just your story of the time it happened, how you have said you have come about the material, how the police were with you on the whole situation and what the outcome is, and what its done to you now.

Anything would be greatly appreciated even if its just you saying that you have been through it and got through it

Heres one story i found earlier

- Trojan horse found responsible for child porn - Talkback at ZDNet UK

I wish i could get hold of him to see how its effected him now since his case was back in 2003 and his caution would be up now.

Anyways, appreciate any help and be careful downloading out there, stick to safe websites for porn

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