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Angry ok let's do this right this time!

ok let me try this again. I'm ansering the questions in order: 1. i have windows vista, 2. i don't know, 3. 4 gig, 4. 60 gig, 5, broadband, 6, sprint card, 7, parking lot, 8. lw 4.18.2 java 1.6.0.oem, 9. firefox or yahoo, 10. it worked, 11, i don't know, 12. new @ cumputers just trying to get it right, 13. no, 14. i don't know, 15. avast, 16. usa, 17. no. ok i'm trying to download an avi file and i keep getting a pop up saying i don't have the right codec. so which codec do i need?
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