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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
The Junk filter is not infallible. It is a learning filter & is there to aide the user. BTW LW checks files download hash, if the hash is identical then it lists it as same file.

The junk filter's settings can be changed from strong to weak. Personally I have it set to weak. I deliberately search out junk & tag it as junk. After a while the filter starts to pick up that those files are junk. However, as said earlier, it is not an ideal filter. And Spammers use special techniques to try to trick LW. That's why some files show as having been previously downloaded when they have not been.

Check this post for some examples of typical spam:

As Blackhorse 70V suggests, Bitzi lookup is a good way of checking a file's validity & also its quality.
Honestly, I have tried every which way but loose on the filter. It simply does not work. I do know what I am doing to this extent. It does not work. I have been using it to mark the exact same 3462, and the two others that show up as 270.6, and another which does not come to mind right now. These are only three files and it never learns them, ever! I am not arguing with you, merely Limewire. I have never had the filter work. As I replied to your reply in the other forum, they clearly have no desire to make this work. It is simple. If Limewire can follow a file that I have downloaded, it can certainly follow a file that I have marked as garbage time and time again. Learning or not, it needs to be sent back to kindergarten.
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