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Perhaps you have the filter strength set too strong or weak, or your early training of the filter was corrupted. You can set it to forget previous training in your Junk filter settings.

What I do is then deliberately search junk. ie: search random typed terms like wlaey490cgbks6yy & then junk the search results. I do it with several such different random search terms & repeat the searches & 'get more results' function. Also do it for different 'types' of searches including 'All Types'.

My junk filter setting is set very close to relaxed but this is for me, others may find it better a little further toward stricter.

Then when doing 'normal' searches, you 'will' need to set good files as not junk until it learns they are not junk. The filter will 'never' get it 100% correct which is why it's always a good reason to double-check. I always arrange search results by file size to assist myself doing this. And some searches the filter does it all correctly, some it still makes a few mistakes. It is a continuous process.
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