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Default needed to add info

Thanks for your response, LoTR.

Okay, redid the Gnutella file thing, installed the Hostiles list (that was a new one), already had the other IP addys in my filter list.

Just for good measure, I went over my network with a fine tooth comb and it's working perfectly for a change and my antivirus/firewall (McAfee) hasn't changed and is still allowing Limewire full access. And I do have the current version of Java (forgot to mention that). Nothing waiting to be downloaded either.

I've never been able to find a list of connections in Limewire Pro. I can see it in Frostwire, but there's nothing but a question about launching on startup under "connections" under tools in Pro. And I've looked everywhere else. It's not under any of the tabs or any of the other drop down menus that I can find. I haven't searched all afternoon and I tried an all-new one and got six results. Wheee.

I hope Santa's got an elf working on a patch and this seriously isn't my new Limewire.

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