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Default BearShare ignores LimeWire shutdown

I have several times had someone using BearShare accessing files from me, even after I reduced the slots to zero ... shutting down LimeWire without cutting off existing file transfers. How does this program manage to bypass the slot restriction?

I have some 26 partial downloads, because the source closed down while I was in the middle of the transfer, so make it a firm habit of never closing down while a transfer is in progress. (One file has been 90% complete for almost a year, with the source never coming on-line ... unless it was when I was off-line ... and I don't want to ever have someone waiting for me that way!) But BearShare starts up a new file transfer even when my options have 0 slots! So BearShare users HAVE been cut off (by me!) part way through a transfer. But I would prefer to have LimeWire able to enforce the shutdown procedure.
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