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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
RIAA complient? I think that would be the new Bearshare .. since version 6 I think. The company who bought it from the original developer under pressure from him being sued, etc. so the new program is well ... but I don't know enough about the new version. Great if you like sharing or purchasing wma files with non copy drm encoded on them.
Sorry, that original post was yonks old. I learnt a lot more just by waiting and reading update changes to Wikipedia.

After Grokster lost the P2P case, it got shutdown. So other P2Ps like iMesh wanted to come clean and become RIAA-compliant (by doing voice/music foot-prints scans for pirate copies, etc.) and become subscription-pay-based like Napster. This means you get less search/matches found due to the cutdown on illegal copies of songs.

BearShare followed suit in the RIAA-compliancy... or more like taken over by iMesh. iMesh is based off GnucDNA and GnucDNA is open-source GPL... so am not sure what the implications there are for close-sourcing it and selling it off.

LimeWire was partly open-source... to get world-wide programmers to help make LimeWire better.. so that LimeWire REAL developers can take the open-source code and sell it in the PRO versions. LimeWire followed the RIAA-compliancy too. However the open-source development team half of LimeWire FORKED a version and is now called FrostWire. FrostWire doesn't have the RIAA-implications.

Also Morpheus engine is now based of GnucDNA (though it originally wasn't). The movement was also RIAA related/pressured.
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