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An extra 36 new games (one was an update replacement). Eight of those games have been added to the Bonus arcade section for both 'Valued Members' (forum helpers) & 'Month's Caption Contest Winner' to play ('Bonus games section' total grows even larger. Overall forum game total is 338). New games added to Bonus section are: (1) 3D Tetris, __ (2) Absolutely Hammered, __ (3) Alias 3, __ (4) All Hallows Eve, __ (5) Headless Havoc, __ (6) Ninja Hunter Survival, __ (7) Tuer Tuer Tuer, __ (7) Warped Tour Massacre.

For the General Arcade, the other 29 new games have been added: (1) 13 Days in Hell, __ (2) 108th Birthday, __ (3) 3D Chess (no-score game but great chess game), __ (4) Adrians Battle Bots, __ (5) A.L.I.A.S., __ (6) A.L.I.A.S. 2, __ (7) Arcade Animals 3, __ (8) Arh Tiger, __ (9) Bandit Gunslingers, __ (10) Budapest Defender, __ (11) Crazy Chess, __ (12) Crumble Blocks, __ (13) Disneys Rock N Spell, __ (14) Flash Element TD , __ (15) Guess Word, __ (16) Home Run Mania, __ (17) Maggie (spanish / espaņol), __ (18) Mega Jackpot Bingo, __ (19) Mid Flight Snack, __ (20) Mushroom Farm Defender, __ (21) Ninja Hunter Easy, __ (22) Ninja Hunter Hard, __ (23) Phoenix Revenge, __ (24) Quick Cards, __ (25) Traffic Control 2, __ (26) Tropical Bee Boxing, __ (27) Xtreme Cliff Cliff Diving, __ (28) Xeno Tactic v1.3, __ (29) Xeno Tactic 2

Yet to be scored on games: (1) Barbarian, __ (2) Chuck Norris, __ (3) F/A18 Hornet, __ (4) Kicking Kings, __ (5) Lucky Letters, _ (6) Manole, __ (7) Parking Battle of the Sexes, __ (8) Polar Express, __ (9) Raiden X, __ (10) Sim Taxi, __ (11) Snakeman Steve, __ 12) Soccer Tournament, __ (13) Sonic, __ (14) The Great Giana Sisters

I have a love-hate relationship with Xeno Tactic 2. The objective of the game is to use your defenses to prevent the aliens passing through. However, your defensive units are programmed to give preference to shooting aliens approaching from their left side and will ignore those in front or to their right side and will let those aliens pass through. This defeats the entire objective of the game. An imbecile of a game in that regard. It's highly irritating. Deliberately programmed to do the opposite of your objective. If the aliens could shoot of course they would stab/shoot the defensive units in the back, which makes the game somewhat ridiculous. I've managed to get through all but the first of the 6 levels without any aliens getting through. During a certain period in Level 5, there is not enough gold to earn enough strength to defeat the enemy. You need to just use your skills and wish for luck. lol I think level 6, the final level is easier than level 5. The Laser Beam & Sky Beam units are slow and have bad accuracy. I've seen each miss their same target three times in row. One I saw miss 4 times in a row, can't remember which one of them it was. Laser accuracy huh? lol
Xeno Tactic-1 did not behave like Xeno Tactic-2, seems a pity the programmers felt it necessary to change the behavour of the defensive units just to make it harder. Ignoring aliens that are to one side is illogical. It makes the game a touch 'pathetic' & ridiculous.

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