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Hi Konrad,

Nice to know a developer is watching this board! I just tried PHEX and it really does show promise. One thing that worries me though - although it builds up a large list of potential hosts, it's download success rate seems lower than other clients (which is odd as with so many potential hosts, I'd expect it to be *much* higher than the others).

In particular I'm wondering if its push logic is correct - I don't know that I've ever seen a push actually connect.

With many early Gnutella clients, there was a good deal of confusion on how to push correctly and I'm wondering if PHEX is following the current methods used by other major clients.

It could be other factors too - for example making use of some of the new extended search attributes might help. Clients flagged non-busy could be tried first. Clients with a firewall flag should only try push. Also I think actual avg. download speed is available too.

It would be great for PHEX to show these attributes on the search screen (and probably send them too). I know BearShare, Gnotella, and Gnucleus already do.

I know you've "inherited" the code so to speak, but I'm glad FURI has been reborn. Keep up the good work!

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