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To my surprise, some games previously uninstallable have been able to be installed (7 games). Perhaps a small site software update allowed this.

For first time in 20 months my ISP has shaped my bandwidth, so inconvenient happening mid-month. For that reason I cannot play/test some games. Oppdrag Asgard may take a while to load for you.

The Gaffer (You play a chubby wharehouse boss who must load boxes onto trucks that pull into the dock. Pesky animals may interfere) - Adventure category

Oppdrag Asgard (Swedish game I think ... a Viking in future) (Move through the map gaining coins and fighting opponents) - Adventure category

Aygo Driving (Take to the streets in the nippy AYGO, but be carefulIt`s an urban jungle out there...) - Racing, Bike or Car Games category

Urban Slug 2 (Mainly the goal of this game is to complete randomly generated contract missions in order to earn money and then upgrade your gear and resources.) - Adventure category

Starcraft 5 (Buy and build defenses against the enemy in this starcraft game) - Military or Flying Games category

It seems I inadvertently forgot to install this game several months back:
Desert Ambush (Kill all the scary villains and most importantly defeat the evil demon at the end of the game.) which I've slotted into the Military or Flying Games category, though could just as easily fit into the Fighting Games category.

New Game I forgot to install:
UFO Commando (Try To Capture Sheep In Your Tractor Beam.) - Military or Flying Games category
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