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Originally Posted by POKERJUANITA View Post
I Have Deleting And Reinstall It And Even Cut Off My Firewall And Still Nothing What I Am Using Xp And I Have Wireless Internet Through Time Warner Cable I Also Have Two Computers But It Works On The Desktop But It Wont Work On My Labtop
Your Wireless device will have NAT which acts like a firewall. If it does not use UPnP or use it very well, then you may need to port forward the device. User Cant Connect - LimeWire. Despite what LW says, modems & routers are a frequent problem because not all have reliable UPnP.

Also If LW Will Not Connect (click on the blue link)

For wireless help. Brand & model would be a help.

Originally Posted by nicknj6 View Post
vista prem still looking for help on delete pref also over last week previous playlist from 1 yr basic use have started disappearing i've lost over 40 playlist and parts of library starting to erode i have norton ahhhh help me with this revenge of rod serling thanx
If you updated LimeWire & cannot find your Downloads
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