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Arrow Flashing icon Foxy and Wru is only leeching on Gnutella/G2 Network!

My opinion about Foxy p2p client is now changed, and i know they only leeching on Gnutella/G2 clients in general...Thats not a good thing when a client is made to leech on other, and not return the favour...Foxy only take files, but never give files to other Gnutella/G2 clients! And they flodding our search result, and we can't download from them at all!I will not recomend enny one to use this GnucDNA client ever, because of it's nasty habbit and bad behavior to others Gnutella/G2 clients! The big question is, are this a side effect because they made a own network inside the G2 crawler?...Or Foxy developers so blind and lacy and just know and ignore this fact totally? In fact there is two clients who does that 1.Foxy from Taiwan and 2.Wru from Polen....Wru does the same as Foxy, but it also made for sending spamm on the network, only on G2! So there for Wru are not on my recomend list for use on G2, and same goes for Foxy on Gnutella and G2 network from her on!And all they do is cause demage to the entire network so fare!
The choice is yours!

EDIT: Wru is a only G2 client and do not come to Gnutella. Foxy is the same as a Wru a G2 client but still comes to Gnutella and messes up the entire network, by it's nasty habbit in Leeching and flodding the search result with usless hits!
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