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Default Ares as Gnutella client?

As we know so are Ares a former Gnutella client,its first 6mnd it used Gnutella network,so then it switched to its own network since....So i could not help it,i make my own Ares and use as base DIYP2P platform and of course latest GnucDNA as core-hehehe it saved me some time....Ares had the Gnutella code "ARES",it seems valid too...The code has been totally rewritten and its run now on my pc and all the new client connecting to it without enny probleme...Downloading rate is pretty good....Its running on bothe Gnutella and G2 for testing purpose....Just fun to do ,and of course i made it for educational purpose and testing-no official release...Pretty cool concept i had to try it out...It fun to play with the creative power of the mind...
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