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Default .nrg file too big to burn?

Originally Posted by enigma257 View Post
Thank you for your post I fear I'm doing something wrong ! I have DVD+R RW 4.7 GB . everytime I try to burn it says the file is to big .... can you clear things up for me
Hard to tell without more information, but the simple answer is that you can't put 9 pounds of potatoes in a 5-pound bag. Are you trying to copy a commercial movie DVD? Many of them are dual-layer, and even if you get past the copy protection they won't fit on a standard DVD-5 (single layer disc). In that case, go down to step 3) below. OTOH if you're making a homebrew disk and your videos are still too big to burn, you can either

1) Eliminate one or more videos from the collection you're transcoding (if you're making a DVD with several videos/titles in it);

2) Transcode at a lower bitrate, which will squeeze more content onto a DVD but at the cost of lower video quality [click on "More" at bottom of the NeroVision "Content" screen, then Video Options, DVD-Video, Quality setting = Automatic (fit to disc) or try Super Long Play]; or

3) Burn to a dual-layer disc (DVD-9), with about double the capacity, if your burner can handle DLs [ask for DVD-9 in the drop-down menu, lower right corner of the NeroVision "Content" screen]. Warning--DVD-9s are trickier to burn and are more likely to end up as coasters. They also cost a dollar and a half each and up. I've found Verbatim DLs very reliable, and I've also had good luck with Memorex DLs, which many people despise, but which my Samsung SH-S222L burner handles with no problems. Circuit City sells 25 Memorex DLs for $30, and sometimes for $20. Verbatims go for maybe twice that.

4) Finally, you can try using DVDShrink to analyze and shrink down a commercial video to an .iso that fits onto a single-layer (DVD-5) disc, or, if you already have those too-big Nero .nrgs, use UltraISO to convert your dual-layer Nero .nrg file to a standard .iso file, and then use DVDShrink to convert that to a DVD-5 .iso file, which should fit on any blank DVD. Use Google to locate UltraISO and DVDShrink; the latter is especially tricky to find.

Good luck!
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