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Originally Posted by enigma257 View Post
I'm trying to use standard Video Clip type files about 700 MB . and burn it to a DVD ( 4.7 GB DVD +R RW) ... thank you for your advice btw
You're very welcome. but let's try to make that advice work. I'm going to assume that when you say you're using a 700-MB video clip you mean a file that has an extension of .avi or .mpg. If your clip is of a different sort, there could be problems--let us know the clip's *exact* filename and size in MB. But just for example, let's say you're trying to transcode and burn to DVD a video file named "the_terminator.avi." Nero works faster with avis, but can handle mpgs too. ("Faster" is a relative term; it'll still probably take a few hours--estimate about twice the length of the film).

OK, so you start up NeroVision, click Make DVD...DVD-Video. This takes you to the Content page I mentioned in my last reply. Under "What would you like to do?" click Add Video Files..., and when the file selection window opens navigate to your hard-drive folder containing the_terminator.avi, select it, and click Open. At this point NeroVision should add that file to the DVD it's building, and the "thermometer" at the bottom should show a blue bar stretching out toward (but *not* beyond) the red hash mark at 4.38GB. If the size exceeds 4.38GB the oversize part of the line turns red and you're in trouble. But even then NeroVision will give you a message like

"Your project currently exceeds some size limits of the destination disc type.

Do you want to have the project quality reduced automatically so that your project will fit into the available space?"

Choose Yes, and if you *still* can't get it down under the 4.38GB limit then you go for the suggestions I gave earlier (DVD-9 etc.). But a 700MB avi file should fit easily. Sleepless has a good guide to the whole NeroVision DVD-making process right here on gnutella at <>.

BTW, LOTR gave an excellent reply to your question, full of good technical details, after I sent mine in, but with all due respect I have a feeling you should start at a somewhat more basic level...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Oh, and happy 2009 to all our readers!


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