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There is nothing more annoying then being almost halfway through a 645,000 kb download and then having Limewire crash!
But the "core" of it kept right on downloading... I decided to leave it going... it failed and then I though wouldn;t it be cool if Limewire was a service on NT (2000, or XP) so that the java part controls it but the NT service part actually does the work.
I think it would be a much more stable system.
Even if the java (visible) part failed your download would continue
This also means you wouldn't have to be logged in to download/upload!
For Xp, 2000, NT users (who share there comp) this would be very helpful.
And then so that your other internet/network apps don't slow down you could have some sort of Bandwith manager - another program takes priority.
And then because it's a service you could have the comp wake up in the middle of the night download a file and then shutdown (of course u would need to know a bit about Windows and services,etc)
Then you could incorporate multiple downloads per user - so they don't open up mutiple instances of Limewire and mess everything up!
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