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Originally Posted by Peerless View Post
[dripping sarcasm] wow...thanks for teaching me about how to use Google[/dripping sarcasm]
dunno about that guide as my version of Nero7 Unltra(which has version of Nero Vision) does not have that option (which makes me wonder about the veracity of that guide)
Ooh, yuck, someone's been dripping sarcasm all over my monitor. Now where's the Windex?

Um, I'm trying to say this without sounding sarcastic, Peerless, but it looks as if you've had the Automatic function all the time. It's in that little box on your screen shot labeled "Quality setting: Automatic" (kinda tricky, I know). It looks as if all Nero did between your v. and my in the Video Options area was make a few cosmetic changes to the menu, including adding the words "fit to disc" to the dialog box. Maybe it wasn't quite clear to everyone what Nero meant by Automatic.

If I'm not mistaken (and you can easily check on Google, ha ha), Nero allows free upgrades within each version, so you could get an upgrade to, the final version of NV4, by logging on to Nero - Nero 7 - Update and downloading Nero I think you have to download the entire suite rather than individual programs. Just be sure you have your original serial number, because I think it's needed for installation. Good luck!

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