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Of course you can!

Look for <A HREF="">a mp3 ripper for your platform which uses lame</A. - preferrably <A HREF="">the current version of lame</A> (3.92 today). Lame is phenomenal.

If you can set the lame command line to use, encode with lame settings set to '--alt-preset standard' and no other setting options, and you will have nice fast processing of the CD data <I>with</I> CD-quality sound.

If you use windoze, I recommend <A HREF=""> CDex</A>. This is really good software, does the whole rip for you, looks up the track names on the net with CDDB, renames the files, and uses jitter correction to help prevent skips. You may need <A HREF=""> ASPI drivers</A>, but it's well worth it.

See the attached image for how to set up CDex's lame options, and any other lame frontend that doesn't allow you to override and use the '--alt-preset standard' setting.

With CDex, you should also set it to normalise the volume (on the 'General' page), just set both less than and greater than fields to 98%. This makes any 'quiet' CDs sound as loud as normal ones (mostly - some discretion is required occaisionally)

There's also <A HREF="">EAC</A> which requires you to separately install <A HREF="">the windows lame executable</A> before installing EAC. Other than that, it has an excellent installation process - just accept the defaults for everything and you'll be doing fine!

I also looked at DMC, but it has inadequate configuration, lots of little programs that do different things, and I think also needed the same ASPI drivers CDex does, so would prefer CDex over this one.

There's also <A HREF="">RipTrax</A> which needs the ASPI drivers and a download of LAME (I think it has a mp3 encoder built in, but would not be anything like as good as LAME), there's <A HREF="">Zlurp</A> (needs ASPI drivers and a LAME DLL file). Zlurp does volume normalisation and CDDB.

Good luck and happy ripping!

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