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I'm glad that you have good results with more Phex UPs

Bearshare sadly isn't alive again, but turned zombie: The bearshare developers crumbled when the Music industry threatened to sue them - they gave up all their money and all their code, so Bearshare is now a shackled program, controlled by those who are working for enslaving p2p.

Tells me "don't use unfree software, it will turn against its users as soon as that's convenient to it".

Just read the technology description page from its new owners:

Technology - musiclab

Acoustic Fingerprinting - MusicLab protects the rights of artists by employing a unique acoustic fingerprinting technology. This technology allows us to identify copyrighted content on the fly. We maintain a list of songs that should be filtered using our acoustic fingerprinting technology, and artists and music labels may contact us with a sample of their music for inclusion in the acoustic filter's database.
And it gets worse:

- Kommerzialisierung der Tauschbörsen

MusicLab LLC belongs to the company behind iMesh, which bought the Bearshre software, website and user datbase.

(that's what you can find after just 5 minutes of googling)

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