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Originally Posted by ToNneTje View Post
Thanks for the information... since i'm using Linux, for more then 2 years now, i haven't search and read alot about Windows p2p like Bearshare...
Same for me, but 5 years

But I try to keep informed about the GNutella apps for Windows just to be up to date - and the Bearshare sellout was major (bad) news.

Well, some minutes ago i was connected to 23 Phex-clients
All of them are using OLD versions of Phex, so maybe it is an idea to show Phex-users an update-message by default when starting Phex???

At is still an OLD version available, NOT the newest version... hope this will be updated soon.
We're displaying an update message during the first week, if a new version is available, and Phex has an internal download mechanism to get the newest version from Gnutella and the sourceforge servers simultaneously (in chunks).

But it's possible that users of old versions disabled the update message, just ignore it or didn't install the downloaded Phex (currently it only downloads the new version, but doesn't install it).

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