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Originally Posted by ToNneTje View Post
As far i understand, Phex prefer other Phex clients to connect to when they are online for at least 2 hours.
Is there a possibility to change this so that Phex will ALWAYS connect to other Phex clients when available?
I want to test this to see if i get other (better?) searchresults, less fake-files, and offcourse because it looks better in my Connection field
Sure. Do you build your Phex from subversion?

Gregor wrote some very efficient and readable comparator code in


It first checks if the last connection succeeded. Then it checks if the Host is a DecentPhex.

You can make Phex prefer Phex hosts at all times by reducing the requirements for being a DecentPhex in

just comment out the avgDailyUptime if clause in

    public boolean isDecentPhexHost()
        if ( !StringUtils.equals( vendor, "PHEX" ) )
            return false;
        if ( avgDailyUptime < 7200 )
            return false;
        if ( !isUltrapeer )
            return false;
        return true;

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