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You should be able to use sun-jdk (I use it on my Gentoo box):

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
The package is in multiverse, though: Ubuntu -- Package Search Results -- sun-java6-jdk

In the Phex code, you can just comment out the avgDailyUptime if clause. Commenting out in Java can be done by writing "/*" before the part and "*/" after the part,for example like this:

    public boolean isDecentPhexHost()
        if ( !StringUtils.equals( vendor, "PHEX" ) )
            return false;
        if ( avgDailyUptime < 7200 )
            return false;
        if ( !isUltrapeer )
            return false;
        return true;

Besides: What this code does:
* The first if clause checks if the other one is a Phex
* The second checks if it has high uptime (decent client)
* The third checks if it is an ultrapeer

Only if all three are fullfilled, the host is called "decent Phex", and Phex preferences decent Phex'.

By commenting out the second if clause, you preference all Phex ultrapeers. If you'd comment out the second and third, you'd also preference Phex leaves (which doesn't help you get connections and might even render your Phex unable to find Ultrapeers).

All this applies only for the connections your program starts. Incoming connections have no preferencing.

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