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Default Dude...

Ok first this is a forum so come back here to read the answers that way everyone can read them.

The Core of Limewire is also Java! And the GUI is build on the core so if a DL breakes in the gui it has broken in the core also.

Limewire is Java (platform independent) so a NT XP or whatever feature is not really cool if Macs and Linux users can't have it.
I think you can make it run as a service on NT, XP yourself.
if you want your PC to download in the middle of the night and auto download something get a Linux! there is a client doing auto downloads.

bandwidth manager. do you want your downloads to slow down A LOT just because the other user wants to surf the internet with out slowing down? by the way: bandwidth is a limited resource and therefor it will always slow down other applications the more applications are using the internet.

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