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Lightbulb flashing LimeWire 5 only compatible with 64-bit intel computers 'if' using Leopard OSX 10.5. How to Downgrade back to LW 4

LimeWire 5 will only run on 64-bit machines if using Leopard OSX 10.5. However LW 5 will run on any computer using Snow Leopard OSX 10.6

This is because Apple make their own version of Java & their Java 1.6 for Leopard is 64-bit which will only run on intel machines. LW 5 requires Java 1.6. Apple did not release a 32-bit version of Java 1.6 until Snow Leopard OSX 10.6

Edit: It seems LW have discontinued offering older versions. We will post links to LW 4.18, etc. as we can.

For all other Mac OSX users, you need to get an older installer for LimeWire 4.x found here, click on the following link: (For LW Basic users only Past Releases (click THIS blue link)). Recommended is LW 4.16 or 4.14.___ For those who simply do not like LW 5, see This link (click here). LW 4.16 & 4.14 can be found here.

* Warning: if you installed LW 5 & wish to downgrade to LW 4, you will first need to remove the install limewire.pkg file from OSX -> Library -> Receipts folder. Otherwise you will be unable to install LW 4 with an error message 'Nothing to install', eg: Nothing to install. IF wishing to downgrade to LW 4, please see Downgrading to LimeWire 4 from 5 & resuming incomplete downloads !!! This is very important!


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