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I put my hand up for this one too. It is handy being able to see audio id3 tag information for (a) downloads (b) search results (c) library files

What id3 tag information can do:
Show audio file duration (time length of song)
Album (if any)

With this information it helps to (1) know you are getting what you are seeking. (b) analyze the details to check the data is correct & is not a spammed corrupt file or a mistitled file, etc.

With ability to see id3 tag information, the above information can be compared between one's library files & search results to be sure you are not downloading the same file. I find this is an issue for same title song, different version from different concert for example. It's almost impossible to know unless the file name incorporates that information, else id3 tag information can be seen.

Bitrate is more important than many people realise. Being able to see bitrate also enables you to be able to choose a good quality encoding (in hope it was not recoded from another mp3), and as suggested above, compare to be sure it is not a deliberately corrupted file.

As it is, there is no show bit-rate options for the columns.
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