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Where did you buy LW from, how long ago did you buy Pro & who's the vendor on your CC statement?

The only official site for downloading LW Pro or basic is Lime Wire Download LimeWire

Pro costs US$ 21.95 for 6 months of updates & email support, $US$34.95 for 12 months of updates & support & sometimes there's a special offer of Pro for US$13.95 with no updates or support included.

If you bought from the official LW site, you would've recieved an email from LW with a link to your Pro personal download page...where you can download Pro while your benefits are current (eg if you bought 6 months worth of Pro then you can download updates for 6 months, likewise if you bought Pro for 12 months). Check your emails to see if you can find the one from LW.

If your Pro benefits have expired then you can download the free basic LW but you'll need to purchase Pro again to download another Pro installer
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