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Hi kevandlu,

I have 5.1.1 & can preview files. Are you using LW's player as the default player, or do you have another player set as your default? My default is iTunes (previews fine, just takes a little while to open) & if I change to using LW's player then songs also preview.

Which OS are you using? Have you tried previewing using different players?

Don't forget to check files with Bitzi. Very handy to see if files are crap - if other users have rated the file then you'll get an idea of the content & quality. Check out the thread below for more info
How to use Bitzi Web Lookup .. & How to use Magnet Links & Direct Connect/Browse/Chat

If changing players doesn't work & you can't preview no matter what you try - register & post at this other forum (click on link below). The developers might see your post there & have a response
LimeWire Forums
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