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Thank you for the prompt reply! My only question would be how to contact "Birdy." . . . . I searched through the "Members List" and a found a "birdy" listed as an "Airhead," would this be the person? Also, about "removing accounts [that] have posts to their name on the forums," "wakedaddy335" only has two: this thread being one of them. . . .

On that point, I did a little research and found a reply you posted here:

You mentioned that posts are deleted with the account but it appears that the account associated with that thread was deleted whereas the posts remain active. . . . Am I missing something?

Also, one thing I don't understand about this site is the "user titles." This was mentioned in another post associated with the username deletion topic, found here:

Whereas I don't appreciate the negativity and rudeness in the post , the user (or rather former user) "hittz26" mentioned that the word "Administrator" should be included and associated with the usernames of those considered to be administrators and I agree with that point. I see that my user title is "Junior Member" and I noticed that the same user title is very populous in the Members List for the forum.

[side note: All right, I just did a search and found a post in "The Lounge" from you about 23 hours ago and plan on posting to that after I finish this one. For clarification, that thread is here:]

One final thing I'd like to mention is that I see posts made on threads that have no relevance to the original topic and then, ironically, replies have been made by you, "Lord of the Rings," to answer the off-topic question and now that I understand you are one of two administrators on the forums, I am confused as to why you don't move the posts to the correct forums. According to rule #7 for the forums, such posts should be reported to the moderator who "will do what is required." Are administrators and moderators different? This is simply furthering my confusion. . . .

Thank you for your assistance and understanding in my concerns.
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